Body corporate lawyers are highly regarded for their ability to resolve disputes

Body corporate lawyers are highly regarded for their ability to resolve disputes and achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. These lawyers are experts in the law relating to body corporates and community titles and can assist with all aspects of Body Corporate governance, committees and dispute resolutions including applications, management rights, disputes and more.

The role is a great opportunity for someone to hone their skills in an area that has become increasingly popular over the last 25 years and is likely to grow further. Working with an experienced former major firm partner, you will be advising not-for-profit body corporates on various legal requirements and assisting with some dispute resolutions as well.

Rules and By-laws for a Body Corporate

Without some form of rule system in place, many bodies corporate would quickly descend into anarchy, confusion, disputes and controversy. Keeping to the rules and by-laws ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them, how they are to behave in the scheme and the consequences for not adhering to them.

It’s also important to know that by-laws are enforceable and that breaches of them can lead to penalties such as a warning, fine or further legal action being taken. It’s therefore essential to familiarise yourself with your Body Corporate’s rules and by-laws and take the time to read them thoroughly before signing your sales agreement.

Joining a Body Corporate Committee

Being a committee member can be a rewarding experience and an opportunity to contribute to the development of a positive and nurturing community within your complex or apartment block. A good committee will comprise a diverse group of people with different life experiences, who can help to bring all perspectives into play.

These people can also be valuable in helping to keep on top of property issues and emergencies. They may have careers in property, or be skilled in a particular field such as accounting, building, real estate or finance, and can offer their advice on how to best protect and improve the value of the whole property.

They can also be helpful in identifying any maintenance and repair issues as they occur and alerting body corporate lawyers officers or managers to the issue so that these are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Paying levies is a vital part of a body corporate’s finances, so it’s critical to make sure that all lot owners are paying their levies when they fall due. Failure to do so can result in the body corporate losing funds, which can be devastating.

Use of Sinking Funds and Insurance Policy

It is also vital that body corporates have an appropriate policy in place for the property and its common areas. This is because a number of different events can cause damage to the common areas and the buildings themselves. The Body Corporate is obligated to hold public-liability and building insurance for the properties and all common areas in a complex.

It’s also worth examining the balance of the Body Corporate’s Sinking Fund, as it can be a significant contribution towards maintaining the overall property value in a complex and may be used for urgent or unexpected repairs. This is especially true if a property has been poorly maintained and is in need of extensive repairs.