Cash For Cars – A Way to Recycle Cars

New Zealand motor car fleet increased by 61% in the same period from just over 1.5 thousand to more than 2.4 thousand by June 2020. In the following six years it grew by another 41%.

Now it is estimated that the car removal/scrap industry will account for over half of the total New Zealand motor car business, at least until the end of this decade. Cash For Cars is the term used for Scrap Car, where scrappers pay cash for wrecked/broken/old vehicles based on their model and year. Some scrap yards offer a ‘wish list’ of vehicles that they will not pay cash for. For example you may be able to get cash for a car that is in fair condition, but has been involved in an accident.

In recent years the main use of scrap yards have been to purchase a used or brand new car, as there are no longer any large scale manufactures making cars. The car industry has been under severe pressure from the Government’s new tax on imported vehicles that were introduced last year.

It is estimated that over the next five years, new car sales will suffer in NZ by up to six percent and that car removal/scrap yards will experience a rise in revenue. This means that the government may have to consider providing funds to the scrappers for at least the next few years.

When a scrapper’s car is sent to a scrap yard it is stripped down to its bare bones, including all its parts. In many cases, the engine will be removed, too. This way the scrapyard can sell the engine parts on or repair the car before it is taken away. In some cases the car may also be sold as a whole rather than broken down into pieces. This is often the case when a car owner needs to dispose of their car at the scrap yard due to the cost of repairs or the ongoing costs of driving the vehicle.

The scrappers are known as Auto Recyclists (Auto Recycler’s) and they are also known as Automotive Recyclers (Automotive recyclers). They use their services for scrap yards to dispose of cars that have been damaged or have broken down due to weather damage, accidents, road traffic accidents or vandalism.

Many car owners feel uncomfortable about taking their cars to the scrap yard. Some are worried about the risks involved and the fact that they may not get the full value of their car back if they are not able to sell it in the future.

Car recycling is an ethical way of disposing of old cars, as they do not involve the pollution or harm to the environment, unlike the traditional car manufacturing processes. The cyclists do not damage the car or damage it physically in any way.