Check Your IP Address Before You Jailbreak Your iPhone

If you’re looking to jailbreak your iPhone, it’s important to check your IP address to ensure you’re connecting to the right server. If your IP address is not from Australia, you’re most likely not using the right server. While The Rain Network is based in Australia, the iOS jailbreak server is in the U.S.

The Rain Network is based in Australia

The Rain Network, which focuses on observing rainfall patterns in western Sydney, also has a presence in many coastal locations. Its data is free and open-source and undergoes rigorous quality control, publication, and dissemination processes. Data sets are also available for extended academic use. In Australia, the government’s Bureau of Meteorology operates 19 rain gauge stations in the checkra1n Middle Yarra River catchment. Two of these stations were installed in 2011; prior to 2011, there were only 17 rain gauges.

The iPhone is jailbroken with a fake Checkrain jailbreak

A fake Checkrain jailbreak IP address appears on your iOS device when you attempt to install it. You may see a large Checkra1n icon on the home screen that says, “Jailbreak your iOS device.” After you click on the fake jailbreak icon, the website loads in full screen and displays a progress bar showing the “fake jailbreak.”

A fake Checkrain jailbreak IP address is a phony download button on a fake site that promises to exploit an iOS flaw. However, the website uses a malicious exploit that affects only A5 and A11 chipsets. This means that even if you use an A13 device, the jailbreak won’t work.

The process of installing a fake Checkrain jailbreak IP address can be a little tricky, as the website may not support your operating system. However, once you’ve downloaded the app, you can follow the instructions to put your iPhone into DFU mode.