Concealed Carry Claw Hammer

concealment claw

A concealment claw is a handy device which uses the tension in your waist or belt to leverage the hold of a gun even closer to your body when you’re wearing a AIWB Holsters with a claw attached. In other words, if you want to conceal your handgun, but not carry it openly in the view of others, then this is the smart solution for you. If you choose to conceal your handgun underneath your shirt or blouse, the weapon will be hidden until you need it. Concealed Carry Claw Systems offers an easy, affordable, reliable way to keep your handgun close at hand!

There are currently three types of concealment claw available for purchase, each designed specifically for a particular manufacturer’s guns. An AIWB holstered holster usually features a stainless steel spring clip and a trigger guard that cover the pistol’s firing pin. Other types include: traditional open carry models, including the Maglite Model 40HS, and duty-style models, which include the Sig Sauer Px 4 Sig Self Defense System. Many concealment claw systems also incorporate a thin piece of metal that mounts to your belt through the buckle area. This allows the gun to be held more securely in place, even when there are belt loops on your pants or shirt.

In order to gain leverage against an attacker, most self defense specialists recommend that you employ what’s called a “manipulation technique.” This involves using your dominant hand to apply pressure directly on their throat or head while they are holding the gun. The concealment claw is designed specifically to facilitate this type of gripping, providing an additional source of leverage to bring the gun down in the event that they grab your gun from you. If a person is holding the gun correctly, the concealment claw will cover most of the frame or handle of the firearm, providing a tight grip and still allowing the gun to be fired.

There are two types of these powerful weapons, either inside a holster or out, and both work very well in either situation. The most popular concealment claw design for the inside shooter is often called an appendix carry. Appendage holsters are installed inside the pants or khakis, and often have a flap or zipper located at the top of the pants or shorts so that the entire system can be covered if necessary. There is no protruding webbing, and the claw can either sit behind the pants for a slim fit, making it very concealable.

For the concealed carry user, there are two basic styles: the full body harness, which mount under your clothing; and the ankle-carrying style, which mount on the outside of the ankle. Most of these are made of leather and come with a belt clip or cord to attach to the belt. Claw mount concealment wings, which attach to your pants or khakis, also make a great alternative to traditional holsters.

These powerful tools are excellent additions to any modern handgun and should be considered for both law enforcement and the concealed carry holster user. For the law enforcement user, concealment claw hammers offer an extremely fast way to deliver an effective blow against a dangerous attacker. For the holster user, these powerful tools provide an excellent and effective means of staying concealed, even when wearing a traditional holster. Whether you’re in the field or at home, these advanced accessories will offer a level of power and functionality you may only have dreamed of.