Customized Window Coverings

Consumers may purchase customized window coverings from mass merchants, specialty retailers, e-commerce sites, or in-home consultation firms. Such window coverings may be custom made to fit a specific window shape or size. Retail prices for customized window treatments can range anywhere from $25 to $900, and can exceed $5,000 for large window treatments. Custom products, like blinds and shades, may require more time to create than stock products.

ANSI/WCMA-2018 requires operating cords on custom window coverings

The proposed ANSI/WCMA-2018 standard requires that the operating cords on custom window coverings meet the same safety standards as those on stock window treatments. The proposed changes address the potential for strangulation and injury due to the use of cords on stock window coverings. In addition to requiring operating cords on custom window coverings, the standard also requires that the cords be 8 inches or shorter.

ANSI/WCMA-2018 does not adequately address the risk of injury associated with custom window coverings

ANSI/WCMA-2018, the new safety standard for window Learn more here coverings, went into effect in December 2018. It is a product of two years of collaboration between the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and other stakeholders. It requires that all stock products be cordless and must be cut to customer specifications. However, ANSI/WCMA-2018 does not adequately address the risk of injury associated with custom window coverings.

Cord cleats are used in conjunction with operating cords

To keep dangling cords out of the reach of children and pets, cord cleats are a necessity for window coverings. These small safety devices wrap operating cords and keep them out of reach. To secure the cords, two or more are used. They are usually plastic and must be mounted on the wall. In the case of corded window coverings, a cord cleat is used in two places.

Children 8 years old and younger are at risk of strangulation

Customized window treatments that have cords may pose a choking hazard to children. Although these cords are kid-friendly and secure, they still pose a choking hazard for young children. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has ruled that children 8 years old and younger are at risk of strangulation when exposed to long cords from window coverings.

Cost of custom window coverings

Custom window coverings are available for purchase from specialty retailers, mass merchants, and e-commerce companies. These products are often made to fit unique window shapes and can be motorized. Custom-made window treatments can range in price from $25 to $900 per window. Prices for custom products are typically higher than for stock products. Homeowners should be prepared to spend more money if they choose motorized window treatments. However, motorization can save a homeowner between twenty to forty percent of the cost.