How to Choose a Pest Control Company

For homeowners who have been dealing with pest infestations for a while, or whose unwelcome visitors won’t go away on their own, it may be time to call in the professionals. The right pest control company can shoulder the responsibilities of figuring out the best treatment strategy, selecting the proper pesticides and monitoring traps to make sure that the unwanted invaders are completely cleared from your home.

The most successful pest control companies have earned the trust of their customers through years of experience, proprietary technology and robust technician training programs. We examined these and other factors to help identify the 10 best pest control companies in the country.

A good pest control company should offer some sort of guarantee to give potential clients peace of mind about their services. This can take the form of a money back guarantee, a promise to return and treat a pest problem at no additional charge, or a commitment to reduce or eliminate treatment costs for a period of time after the initial service visit. Each company’s guarantee terms are a little different, so check out the fine print before making a decision.

Termite and bed bug treatments are more complicated than treating ants, ticks and earwigs, so it’s important to choose a company that has expertise in the specific pests you’re dealing with. Many pest control companies specialize in particular types of infestations, but the best ones are more than willing to tackle the more challenging ones as well.

Look for companies that are licensed in your state to work as a pest control professional and can provide copies of their pesticide licenses, which should list the types of pesticides they’re allowed to apply and at what rates. You can also ask if they’re a Quality Pro member of the National Pest Management Association, which is another sign that they’re following industry standards and are trustworthy.

Orkin is one of the oldest and most well-known pest control companies, with over 100 locations nationwide. Its treatment plans are based on the habits, weaknesses and life cycles of each type of pest and include preventative measures such as knocking down spider webs and wasp nests, and spraying for ants, crickets, cockroaches and other common insects. Orkin also offers year-round protection services in which technicians inspect your property and all risk areas every quarter to keep pests out of your home. This plan includes four quarterly treatments and free revisits if pests return between visits. The youngest company on our list, Aptive, is a fast-growing eco-friendly alternative to traditional pest control with over 30 states in its network. It uses fewer chemicals than the big 100-year-old pest control companies, and prioritizes environmental safety and customer satisfaction. The company’s services also include outdoor insect repellent and rat removal.