League Coaching – Why Is It Not Free?

The main objective of League Coaching is to provide players with the best tips and techniques to improve their game. Founded by Joshua Hilton, the program is focused on spreading knowledge and giving players the best advice. Instead of offering shortcuts and “secrets” to improve your game, the League Coaching staff helps players identify their weak points and give them tips to improve their play.

LVSL coaches only competed in summer leagues

The Las Vegas Summer League is currently underway, and it’s likely that the first-round picks from the NBA Draft will be active on rosters. This will be the first time fans can see the newest crop of NBA players. Karl Anthony-Towns and DeAngelo Russell were the first and second overall picks in this year’s draft, respectively.

It’s also worth noting that the Las Vegas Summer League has only been running since 2015. There are no complete records available for the LVSL before its current format. That¬†here means that veteran coaches will have to sift through news reports from the 1990s and early 2000s to find the most complete information. Besides the LVSL, two other summer leagues still exist – the Salt Lake City Summer League and the California Classic.

Neace offers $20 coaching sessions

League of Legends coach Mark “NEACE” Neace has a unique offer for players. His platform and coaching offering is free, but Neace charges up to $300 for bespoke coaching sessions. While these are reasonable prices for bespoke training, some players feel that they are paying too much for such coaching. In response, they turn their ire towards Neace. Let’s examine some of the reasons why bespoke coaching is not free.

Neace charges up to $300 for a 90-minute online coaching session. He trains more than 1,000 clients each year, including world-class gamers and former NFL players. He’s also been known to train the likes of Robert Hohman, the founder of Glassdoor, and YouTube sensation Richard Blevins.

Gosu AI is more of a basics trainer than a strategy coach

While Gosu AI is an excellent tool for league coaching, it is not a great strategy trainer. Its primary function is to teach you the basics of the game. It does this by teaching you the basics of your team and its best playstyles. This is an extremely helpful feature.