Rocky Mountaineer Rail Partner

Mountaineer Rail Partner

Rocky Mountaineer is expanding its fleet of GoldLeaf railcars by teaming up with Stadler, a manufacturer in Germany and Switzerland. The new railcars will arrive in Canada in 2018, completely re-engineered to improve efficiency and comfort. Stadler has a long history of providing quality railcars for railroads, and this partnership will bring these railcars to Canadian shores. The partnership is a win-win for passengers and the railroad.

Canada Rail Vacations is a Rocky Mountaineer Rail Partner

Travel by train has always fascinated travellers. It’s a more leisurely way to see the world, and this train tour will be sure to provide you with unforgettable experiences. This trip is a perfect way to explore the stunning Canadian Rockies. In addition to the spectacular views, the luxury train offers gourmet cuisine and on-board hosts to share historical tidbits with you. You can even¬†Visit here customize your trip with the Rocky Mountaineer, and even opt for a Banff Ice Explorer or a Gondola ride.

Rocky Mountaineer’s new route across the American Southwest

A glass-domed luxury train is set to launch a new route in the American southwest: Rockies to the Red Rocks. The new route will take travelers through the chromatic deserts and vast canyons of the American southwest, as well as the mighty Colorado River. While traveling through the American Southwest, passengers can experience the beauty of the pristine landscape and regal wildlife along the way.

Gold Leaf service menu

A trip on the Golden Eagle train means dining in style at the Gold Leaf service. Gold Leaf guests enjoy a three-course lunch and dinner in plush, private dining cars. The dining cars feature large windows with a view of the rails and complimentary gourmet snacks. You can choose to have breakfast in the Gold Leaf dining car each day, or opt for a light snack. The service menu also features fresh pastries, fruit juice and smoothies, and smoked salmon and egg scramble. The menu is also complemented by an assortment of other items, like cinnamon scones and a selection of coffee.

Coastal Pass

The Rocky Mountaineer is a scenic train that runs between Vancouver and Banff in Canada. The Rocky Mountaineer is the only passenger train to operate along the famous section of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It crosses the Stoney Creek Bridge, travels through Lake Louise, and reaches the Last Spike location. It has two main routes – the Coastal Passage from Vancouver to Banff, and the Rainforest to Gold Rush route from Whistler to Jasper and Quesnel.

Train’s original route through the Canadian Rockies

If you’re interested in seeing the spectacular scenery in a new way, the Rocky Mountaineer is a great choice. Its original route through the Canadian Rockies has been a popular choice for travelers for over a century. The train departs from Denver’s Union Pacific Railyard and travels through the Rockies, crossing the Continental Divide and descending into the town of Glenwood Springs.