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golden triangle of Turkey tour

The Golden Triangle of Turkey tours has become hugely popular in recent years. Travelers from around the world have come to share the beauty and history of this region. In fact, it is considered as one of the finest archaeological sites in the entire world. The first city that welcomes travelers to Istanbul is the Black Sea coast, which features some of the best beaches in the world. With so many things to do on the beach, there are plenty of different reasons why this city is among the top choices for a Golden Triangle Tour.

A Golden Triangle of Turkey tour can be perfect for both groups that travel to Turkey on a vacation or those that are looking to explore the region more fully. The cruises will take visitors to some of the must-see historical sites including the Blue Mosque and the ancient ruins at Hagia Sofia. The gates of these spectacular ancient ruins are wide open for this Golden Triangle tour traversing the Golden Triangle starting with Istanbul. The itinerary then takes visitors to the second city of Turkey, presenting the once beautiful city of Ephesus, the home of Jesus Christ.

The third leg of this three-leg itinerary takes travelers to the Black Sea area, which is one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations. There are ample activities to enjoy while visiting this area including a cruise along the Caspian Sea, a trip to the Taurus Mountains, and a stay at one of the many exclusive yachts in the area. Travelers that visit Istanbul will certainly want to take in the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia, as well as other well-known sites. However, those that venture further into the Aegean Sea find that the waters of the Mediterranean Sea provide endless entertainment and activities.

The fourth leg of this Golden Triangle Tour takes travelers to the Black Sea region of Turkey. The Black Sea has been one of the hottest destinations for European and global tourists for years, and now it is a hot spot for vacationing throughout the spring and summer months. For this reason, there are numerous cruise ships operating out of the Black Sea port of Antalya where cruises include stops in various destinations throughout the region. The itineraries can range from a few days on board one of these cruise ships to a two-week trek up the side of Mount Kiskaki toward the Greek Island of Rhodes.

The final leg of this three-leg itinerary takes travelers to the Byzantine region of Turkey. The region was an independent country for over a thousand years before it came under the Turkish Republic in Mustaamidic rule. Some of the must-see sites in this part of the Golden Triangle Tour include the Topkapi Palace with its gardens and water fountain, theecteded castle on the slopes of Fatih, and the village of Marmaris with its century-old houses, monasteries, and frescoes. Other ruins of historical importance can also be visited, including the Topkapi Palace and Paphos Cathedral.

Travelers interested in the ancient area around the Aegean Sea will find plenty of options to pursue. Byzantine castles, monasteries, and frescoes can all be visited while strolling through this picturesque area. Beach resorts in the area surround some of the most striking sites, making this a preferred destination for many couples looking to spend romantic breaks together. Couples may enjoy the beaches along the coast of Trypillia, while those more adventurous may try the popular route towards Mount Kiskaki via the Kinaliada Coast Road. Regardless of which part of the Golden Triangle Tour participants decide to travel, they will surely enjoy their trip to the region’s major centers of tourism and commerce.