Types of Pool Filters

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When it comes to swimming pools, filtration is a must. Various types of filters are available, and they each perform different functions. The best pool filters can help you maintain your swimming pool, keeping water free of debris. These professionals can recommend the best filters for your needs. To learn more about pool filters, read on! Here are some tips and suggestions. You can also ask for a pool filter expert’s advice. Listed below are some of the most common types of pool filters.

Cartridge filters

If you’re in the market for a new filter for your pool, consider one of the many cartridge systems. These are designed to filter water efficiently and are relatively low maintenance. The Hayward XStream Cartridge Filter and Pump System is a top choice for above-ground pools up to 33 feet in diameter. It features a 120-gallon-per-minute flow rate, a 1.5-horsepower Hayward PowerFlo Matrix pool pump, and a large cartridge.

During heavy usage, debris, skin cells, and other contaminants can build up on the cartridge filter. To prevent this, it’s important to clean it after each party. Rainstorms and high winds will also deposit debris in the pool, clogging the cartridge filter. These particles will then be returned to the pool. When you clean the cartridge filter, be sure to rinse all pleats thoroughly. The water level in the cartridge tank should be between ten and twenty pounds per square inch.

Sand filters

There are several types of sand filters for pools. They all work visit us in a similar way, with the water passing through the sand bed to remove dirt and other impurities. In order to work, the sand filters need to have an open top tier. The water then trickles down the top tier to reach the distributors on the bottom of the filter. These distributors then distribute the water evenly throughout the sand bed.

The sand grains in a sand filter are prickly and rough. These edges snag debris and contaminants, and the roughness prevents them from being washed away. However, over time, the sand grains will wear down. Thus, the sand filters will eventually need to be replaced. In addition, regular backwashing will not help a sand filter run efficiently for a long time.


Waterco’s 200370 Centrifugal Pre-Filter is a pre-filter that follows the centrifugal principle of water filtration. MultiCyclone captures 80% of the dirt load before it reaches the filter, removing 90% of particles that are 30 microns or larger. It is an excellent choice for swimming pools that have hard water and do not want to spend money on additional filters.

Micro StarClear

The Hayward Micro Star Clear C225 replacement cartridge filter provides crystal clear water. It features reinforced polyester elements for maximum strength and flow. Its design traps dirt and debris and gives your pool an ultra-clean feel. It is compatible with Hayward and other leading pool brands. You can purchase a Micro Star Clear C225 replacement cartridge filter for your swimming pool. It is the perfect choice for your home or commercial pool. It is made of high-quality reinforced polyester elements.

The Hayward Micro Star Clear C225 replacement cartridge filter offers 25 square feet of filter surface area, making it suitable for most above-ground and in-ground pools. It is the smallest cartridge filter made by Hayward. It features a 1-1/2 inch pipe connection and one filter cartridge element. This filter is the most compact model of the Micro StarClear filter. It is also ideal for spas and ponds.