Using Diamond Core Drills for Concrete Core Plumbing

Concrete coring refers to a mechanical drilling method that is used to make holes in the foundation of buildings. Concrete coring does not refer to very small projects such as this. For small projects like this, all you need is a small hammer drill and proper concrete bit. Both are easily obtainable at virtually any home improvement store. One of the more frequent uses for concrete coring is to build holes into pre-existing concrete slabs to move the weight of a structure to other deeper within the earth’s surface. Many engineers find this method to be a cost-effective way to move concrete weight.

Concrete Coring

You can drill your own holes with a simple diamond drill bit as long as you have access to a large flat area and a good level surface to work on. If you don’t have these, then a concrete coating shop would be able to supply a suitable drill bit and also provide you with the necessary concrete coring services. The simplest methods of concrete coring require the use of a temporary cutting tool attached to a drill. The holes made are much smaller than the holes made using standard diamond drilling tools.

After you have drilled the initial holes, the next step involves installing temporary concrete coring or “pail caps” on the top of your hole. In order to do this properly, it is important that you keep the temporary coring or “pail cap” in the same place in the hole that you previously drilled. This will help ensure proper coverage of all holes in your foundation. Once you have done this you should then remove the temporary “pail cap” and attach it to the side of your hole.

If you are using portable concrete coring equipment then this process will be quicker and easier. There is however still one important safety step you must take when doing this – never dig a hole for the concrete core drilling directly into solid concrete. Doing so could easily fracture the concrete and may also cause the hole to seep below ground level. Always dig a hole for your concrete core coring at an angle to the floor so that you avoid breaking through the floor.

Another important safety measure when doing concrete coring is ensuring that any temporary core bits or lumps you make are carefully removed before the drilling operation begins. A bucket or scooped out a hole is usually the safest way to remove a concrete core bit which has been exposed to the open air during the drilling operation. Never dig in areas that may become unsafe for workers should a fall occur. This includes surrounding walls and any other structures that could be potentially dangerous.

There are two primary types of diamond core drills, electric and hydraulic. You may have seen these used in landscaping, where holes are dug for pipes or electrical wiring. However, the newer versions are much more powerful and are designed for concrete coring. Either way, both versions will serve you well for many years to come.