The Best Way to Accept Credit Cards for Small Businesses

Not knowing how to accept credit cards correctly may ruin your dreams and plans about having a small family business. But this shouldn’t stop you from making your dreams come true no matter whether they are about having an online store or delivery service.

Secure transactions are the most common issue many business owners have. Each of them expects his/her customers to be satisfied with the services provided including a security issue. You don’t want to close the company only because of not knowing how to manage that problem correctly. As the convenience of the credit cards is definitely indisputable. The transactions are fast and simple.

Today we’re going to teach you the best ways to accept credit cards, being sure that you, your business, and your customers get the most out of them.

How to Accept Credit Cards for Small Companies

First of all, don’t think that accepting a card on behalf of the company is a hard thing to do. In fact, everything is pretty simple. What you need are a place to accept those credit cards (in your case it is a website), a business account, and a business license.

  • First things first, look for a merchant and a getaway company. These two companies can be represented in one. But don’t look for the lowest percentage rate possible. Pick liability over the best deal. Stay away from the companies, which promise that their cards are 100% compatible with any shopping card without exception;
  • Look for PSP or Hosted Payment Page like PayPal. It is a payment service provider, which offers you a processing solution along with the platform. This gives you an ability to open an account for free. The main benefit of such method is the fact that the setup process is very simple. Moreover, you create an account absolutely for free;
  • e-Commerce platforms that can plug into other popular platforms or can work alone. For example, WooCommerce platform, which is available for anyone. So, you simply download it and customize to your preferences or in any way suitable for your website. Then, you download a payment gateway plugin and connect it to your payment cart. There are hundreds of e-commerce platforms online: Shopify, OpenCart, FoxyCart, Lemonstand, Magento, Yahoo Stores, MarketLive, etc. It is not a problem to find the one to fit your business.

Hopefully, this information will help you to make the final decision on how to accept payments for your home business. Remember, that you have to accept credit cards to increase the potential growth of your company, especially if it is something very small. There is no other effective alternative as a card for now. When making a final decision, consider what is more comfortable for you and your customers – redirecting to a payment page or getting them integrated into your own website.

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