Activity Map is an Adobe Analytics module

ActivityMap is a tool that gives marketers and business analysts a real-time understanding of customer data as it happens. It helps them identify which page elements are performing well–or not–to improve campaign and website performance and reduce visitor loss.

How it works

Activity Map is an Adobe Analytics module that lets you visualize data from link tracking in a single place. It enables you to view and analyse the links that visitors click on your web pages and digital properties, with metrics such as ad-clicks, link clicks, and mouse movement.

It also helps you understand the impact that each link is having on your site and business, with visual overlays highlighting important information such as which links are most popular or how often they’re clicked.

How it works

When you activate Activity Map Things to do in Toronto for a report suite, it will capture all link tracking data across that report suite and display it in your Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace. This means that you can use the information to optimise your web content, marketing campaigns, and email flows – all from one interface!

Once you’ve enabled it for a report suite, you can see the link tracking data in your Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace by clicking on ‘Activity Map reports’ and selecting the dimensions and metrics that you wish to pull into your workspace.

What it does

The Activity Map visualisation is based on data from the Data Indexer which is collected across your web and mobile environments and displayed in a graphical format that shows your locations in relation to log events. The map automatically adjusts based on new logs being uploaded to your Data Indexer.

Where it comes from

All of the data that is captured by Activity Map comes from the link tracking module in Adobe Analytics – this means that any link activity on your web pages will be mapped to specific locations, showing you how visitors are clicking on your page.

What you can do with it

Activity Map has a dedicated user interface that’s easy to use and makes it very quick to implement on your website. It also has a bunch of dedicated dimensions and metrics that you can use to create insightful reports.

How it works

When you first enable Activity Map, it will plot a limited number of GPS points on the map. You can then zoom in as much or as little as you want, so you can discover more or less GPS points that are part of your trip. Once you’ve reached a comfortable zoom setting, you can move the GPS points to adjust their position on the map.

How it looks and works

The map displays a pie chart, with nodes that represent origin and impacted locations for each event that is captured by Activity Map. You can configure the nodes to show only origin, only impacted, or both origin and impacted information.

It’s really important to be aware of the fact that while this is a great way to understand how and where visitors are clicking on your web pages, it is not a substitute for a comprehensive analytics platform like Adobe Analytics. Having access to more detailed data and insights is what will ultimately lead to improved marketing campaigns and website conversion rates.