Eco-Friendliness and the Basemap EVR Product

Basemap’s EVR product is a highly sophisticated and flexible solution for fleet managers. It is compatible with many different types of refrigerants and works with the industry’s most popular management software packages. With a simple set-up process, EVR is easy to use and offers a range of useful features. This article explores the benefits of EVR and its eco-friendliness.

Eco-costs/value ratio is an indicator for sustainable consumption patterns

Eco-efficiency and factor 4/10 are general targets of the Nordic countries. The Nordic Council of Ministers has introduced a project to promote the political implementation of factor 4/10. The aim of this project is to increase the ratio of eco-efficiency to GDP and welfare. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to reduce the global use of nature by 50% and double the welfare of society. However, this evr product is not possible unless the ratio of eco-efficiency grows four-fold.

The ratio can be measured in different ways, including the cost of natural resources and the value of natural capital. The former reflects the intensity change in material inputs while the latter reflects the amount of energy consumed. Material inputs are the total natural material inputs of a national economy. The latter is equivalent to ‘use of nature’ (M+E+P). It can be calculated from the threshold of harm that a given product or service causes to human or biota.

Danfoss EVR valves are compatible with fluorinated refrigerants

Danfoss offers a full line of servo-operated solenoid valves for air-conditioning systems. These valves are compatible with fluorinated and natural refrigerants. They are available as complete valves or separate components.

These valves come in direct-operated and servo-operated versions, depending on the flow required. Both types are available in standard and oversize connections. They can withstand media temperatures up to 105degC.

Danfoss SJ-205 expansion joint

The SJ-205 is an expansion joint that combines two types of seals in one. Its streamlined arch shape eliminates the need for filled arches and offers considerable flexibility. It is available with a pressure rating of 15 psi, 20 psi, and 30 psi. The joint can be used in a wide variety of applications.

This type of joint is made for demanding industrial applications and is suitable for a variety of industries. It is typically used in heating, air conditioning, and chemical process systems. It has an inner tube that is pre-extended and provides enough movement for proper operation.

Husky Corporation ENVIRO-LOC(tm) Vacuum Assist Low Permeation Hoses

ENVIRO-LOC(tm), or low-permeation hoses, are ideal for gasoline dispensing facilities. They minimize fuel diffusion through the hose wall and meet UL 330 requirements. Permeation is the loss of fuel through a flexible hose or the connection between the hose assembly and fittings. The standard requires the hose to diffuse no more than 10 grams of fuel per square meter per day.