Protect Your Website From Anonymous Users With a Proxy Database

Using an IP proxy database to detect anonymous users is a good way to protect your website from threats. Fraudulent traffic is often conducted through proxy connections, which enable attackers to hide their true identity. You can use a database to ensure that your site’s content is being served to genuine users, and you can also reduce your advertising costs.

A database of IP addresses can be used to distinguish residential proxies and VPNs, as well as Tor exit nodes. Unlike other data sets, IPQS’ proprietary methods minimize false-positives. These proprietary methods are more effective than any other service at detecting high risk IP addresses. It can be deployed on popular SOAR platforms, and you can customize the strictness levels of your database.

The IPQS Proxy Detection Database is the most comprehensive IP Reputation data set available. It features a proprietary method that proxy IP address database distinguishes open proxies from anonymous proxies, as well as VPNs, data centers, and Tor nodes. You can download a copy of the proxy list for free while your subscription is active. It also provides users with custom data points and customizable strictness levels, which allows you to keep up with new IP addresses and trends. It can be integrated into an enterprise firewall, as well as custom platforms.

Another option is to use the IP2Proxy database. The IP2Proxy database contains a web proxies and open proxies database, as well as a list of residential proxies. This database is a hosted service and is updated every 24 hours. When you subscribe, you can download a daily update of the IP2Proxy database for free.

Anonymizing servers can be identified by a variety of methods, including AI and machine learning. In addition, some proxy services are publicly blacklisted. Those blacklisted IP databases can be used to identify proxy services. You can also look for publically available proxy IP address lists. Some of these lists include the Open Proxy Address database, which contains more than half a million IP ranges. These addresses are searched periodically for edits to their data.

Many streaming services block people who are using proxies. They do this based on the shared IP address. An attacker who is aware of the login data can also manipulate the service. This can make the account holder, the spouse of the account holder, or any other user on the account. You can prevent this from happening by excluding the IP addresses of malicious servers from your network. You can also automate the process by downloading the IP2Proxy proxy list and importing it into your server.

The IP2Proxy database also includes information about the proxies’ data center and domain name. If you are a developer, you can use this data to detect proxy servers. You can also download a proxy list if you are a paid subscriber. The proxy IP address database is regularly updated, which helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Some of the most common use cases for IP proxy data are location verification and fraud prevention. These tools can be accessed via APIs, streams, and feeds.