The Basics of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

There are several things to know about kitchen cabinet painting before you get started. Here are the basics: preparation, primer, sanding, and costs. Before starting, consider if you can tackle the project yourself or if you’d prefer to hire someone. Read on to discover more. Hopefully this article has been helpful in providing some tips on kitchen cabinet painting. If not, keep reading to learn more about how to make the most of the project.


If you are planning to paint your kitchen cabinets, you should prepare them thoroughly before you start. Before starting, you must clean and degrease them. Make sure the surface is dust-free as well. Primer will help the paint adhere to the cabinet surfaces better and prevent them from chipping or peeling. You can use either an oil-based primer or 100 percent acrylic latex primer. Load your paint tray with the primer, and apply it using a brush on edges or a roller on large flat surfaces.


Before beginning the painting process, you should remove any existing finish on your cabinets. Use a medium-grit sandpaper to sand down the rough areas. Once the rough areas are smooth, it is time to use primer. Apply the primer with a paintbrush using long, even strokes, feathering at the overlapped strokes. Let the primer dry overnight before kitchen cabinet painting encorepaintingltd you paint the cabinets. After it dries, you should flip the cabinets over and apply the second coat of paint.


Before you begin painting kitchen cabinets, you must sand the surface. If you have sandpaper on hand, you can use it to scuff up the surface of doors, drawers, and any other surfaces. Sanding is important because it gives the paint a smooth surface to adhere to. The coarser the sandpaper, the smoother the finish will be. Sanding can also damage the paint by wafting tiny particles into it.


The cost of kitchen cabinet painting depends on a few different factors, including the materials used and the surface area of the cabinets. Larger cabinets require more preparation work, and old paint or stain may need to be removed. Before starting, be sure to clean the cabinet surfaces and prepare them properly. Listed below are the costs of kitchen cabinet painting. Once you have a good idea of the costs, you can contact a professional to complete the project.

Time frame

You must know the time frame for kitchen cabinet painting. Professional painters usually give their cabinets two weeks to cure before they can be repainted. It all depends on the type of cabinet you have, whether it’s made of wood, metal, or plastic. Wood cabinets tend to dry more quickly, while plastic-laminate cabinets require special paints to withstand paint adhesion. To avoid these problems, make sure to ask your painter for a sample before you hire them.